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6 Signs Your Woman Doesn’t Enjoy Sex With You

by | Sex and Relationship

Nov 1, 2022

We don’t mean to burst your bubbles, but she is probably not enjoying the bedmatics as much as you think she is. Here are six signs your woman doesn’t enjoy sex with you, and it is time to step up your game and pay more attention.

1. Initiating Sex is Met by Resistance Each Time

Something is wrong when each time you try to initiate sex, there is too much initial resistance. This resistance can result from different things. 

But, in the absence of an emotional disconnection between you and your woman, especially when she hasn’t shown a change in attitude towards you or the relationship, it is safe to assume that the sex isn’t great. 

She loves you, that’s right, but sex is not something she enjoys having with you. And so, she avoids it. It is that simple. 

2. She Isn’t Wet Enough

Arousal is not purely a physical thing. It is also very mental, even for women. 

When something blocks a woman’s mental ability to be aroused, it is usually going to present as a disinterest in the sex. She will not be wet enough for you. 

Getting down there and penetrating her is going to be a struggle. 

This rule doesn’t include women who have problems with getting wet, though. 

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3. She Asks If You are Done

Most women aren’t sexually selfish. As much as they want to pleasure themselves, they want to pleasure you too. 

They will feel bad if they just get off the bed, leaving you there alone, and so will ask you if you are done. 

This is a sign they just want it to stop. They aren’t enjoying the sex and are waiting for it to end so they can leave. 

Consider it the biggest red flag ever if your woman asks you whether or not you have spilled more than three times in one sexual encounter. She isn’t having fun with you. 

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4. The Sex Lasts Too Long or Too Short

There is no telling; the duration of sex does matter a lot. Too short, and there isn’t enough time to enjoy oneself. Too long, and someone is going to get sore. 

If you ejaculate too fast, she may not tell you, but she most likely doesn’t enjoy sex with you. If it takes too long, it is likely your woman doesn’t enjoy sex with you either. 

5. She Sticks to One Position

Sex should take on the form of an adventure. Good sex, that is, both parties should want to try out new stuff. 

If your woman is disinterested in exploring, then she isn’t enjoying the sex. She can’t wait to be done and leave. 

Consider this an even bigger red flag if she leaves the room and doesn’t come back after a while when the sex is done. She has probably been to the bathroom to pleasure herself. 

6. She Always Enters Bed With Her Back Turned to You

When a woman doesn’t enjoy sex with you, she will turn her back to you the very moment she enters the bed. If this has become a regular thing, she is telling you to leave her alone, she wants to sleep, and she doesn’t want to have sex with you tonight.

Try to touch her to get her to turn around, and you will notice the unwillingness in her response.

Bonus: The biggest red flag ever is a woman asking if you never get tired. This means something is wrong, both with the sex and the relationship. 

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