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How to Tell a Guy You Like Him

by | Meeting Someone

Feb 21, 2023

Waiting for a guy to make a move when you like him has been described as frustrating. And, of course, it is. We have all been there before. In this post, I show you how to tell a guy you like him in 10 easy steps and, possibly, get him to like you too.

1. Hang Out with Him

I am guessing you already hang out with him. Still, I am encouraging you to do more hanging out at this point. You don’t need to go anywhere special or be found doing a couple of stuff. 

Just being there, in his company, sends a message. It tells him that you are willing to spend a lot of time with him. Guys know that when a woman is fine with spending that much time with them, then something is definitely going on in her mind. 

2. Think of Why You Like Him

When you plan to tell a guy how much you like him, it is important to understand why you like him in the first place. 

This will help you order your thoughts and mentally prepare you for when you let him know. 

When you understand your own feelings, it will be easier to tell someone else about them. 

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3. Feel Good About Yourself

What I mean is, think good thoughts about yourself—practice this by telling yourself how beautiful you are and finding a way to laugh about it. 

Many girls never get to tell the guys they absolutely adore how much they like these guys because they are scared of possible rejection.

But I will tell you what: the fear of rejection goes away when you find a way to shrug it off. When you get into a “whatever happens, happens” mindset. 

4. Write About It

I am a firm believer in projecting. According to Whatsdalatest, writing down your thoughts in a journal is a great idea, and that it helps us better understand our romantic relationships. I agree with this 100%.

Now, I am going to introduce you to a personal journal, where you write your own personal experiences and expectations. 

In this journal, project some form of reality into your expectation. 

Create a scenario. 

Something like this: 

It is a Saturday morning, and I am seated with Josh. I am about to ask him out. I am blushing a bit, but it seems as though he already knows what is happening. I will ask him out anyway. I tap his thighs and look up at him. He smiles, and things take a weird turn…

On and on you go, writing out just how you want things to go. 

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5. See Romantic Movies

You will not find this on a lot of blogs, but it does help, and I mean, really. Sometimes, all you need is that boost, that nudge that says: “It happens; girls ask boys out all the time, and it does work.” 

Romantic movies will give you that nudge.

See as many as you can and keep imagining how things will go. 

6. Ask to Meet Him

When you have gathered enough courage to tell him how much you like him, it is time to take things forward and ask to meet him.

Tell him the time and the place. Make sure it is a place where you can be your most comfortable self.

If you want, you can even make it seem like a date. Many women discourage this, but I actually encourage you to set it up as a date. That way, when he walks in there to see you dressed in such pretty clothes, it already sends a message. 

Of course, dress very beautifully. 

Put on a gown or skirt that accentuates your curves such that you appeal to him sexually. 

7. Strike a Conversation

Yes, the conversation should begin the moment he sits. It does not have to start with words; it could begin with just a gesture. 

Of course, welcome him. 

You can say: “Hey, Ben, thanks for coming.” 

And then get right on to talk. 

It is likely he is going to ask what is going on. When he asks this, just laugh it off. I like to be practical. So, a sentence like: “Can’t we just hang out in a fancy place anymore?” Should work. 

My guess is it is going to make him laugh as well.

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8. Let Him Be Himself

Give him time to get comfortable. This is quite necessary. If you had asked to see him in a way that made him feel something had gone wrong with you, he is likely going to be very tense. 

Calm him down. 

Allow him to talk about his day. I have seen that men get a lot more comfortable when you allow them room to talk about the little things that matter to them. 

9. Look into His Eyes When You Both are Talking

Depending on how you do it, looking into a guy’s eyes when you talk to him can be a big flirting sign. 

It can also show a huge interest in what he is saying. 

When you look away from him, it may signal to him that you are shy and timid. 

Don’t be the woman who is not confident; it turns a guy off. 

Talk about your friendship with him. Remind him of all the times he has been there for you. To drive the point home, you may even mention a particular incident when he had been there for you. 

10. Tell Him

By now, I believe you must already know just why you like him. And since you have written it in your journal, you may already know just what to say. 

Put your hands on his thighs and let him know just how much he means to you.

Tell him he is not under the obligation to like you too. Say you just want him to know about it. 


It is better to tell a guy you like him than wait for him to figure it out on his own.  

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