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10 Sex Tips for Women You Can’t Learn Anywhere

by | Sex and Relationship

Nov 1, 2022

Sex is a vital part of conventional romantic relationships. In fact, what happens in bed a lot of times mirrors what is really happening in the relationship. There are some sex tips for women to keep in mind to make love-making enjoyable for both themselves and their partners.

Good sex means a great relationship, and vice versa. It is, therefore, important to be great in bed and to find a way to communicate deeply with your partner when you both get down. In this article, I share ten sex tips for women you can’t learn anywhere: 

1. How You Look Before the Sex has An Impact on How Great the Sex will be

This is one commonly overlooked fact. If you want to have a chance at that banging sex with your man, you have to pay attention to how you look before the sex happens. 

Before the sex, he has to want you so badly. The tension has to be built so high that he drools over you. Know how food tastes better when you are really hungry? Same thing with sex. The sex will sure feel better when he first sees you in that lingerie he likes the most. 

2. Don’t Rush/ Break the Routine

Many relationship counselors will advise that you develop some kind of sex routine with your partner. That is to say, have sex at specific times all week or month. 

This can be a good idea. But, over time, it gets boring, and things start to swing low. 

Break the routine. Be unpredictable. 

Have sex randomly, whenever you want, and have sex often. And when you do have sex, don’t rush—go with the flow. If it takes longer, let it have its course. 

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3. Lube is Not a Bad Idea

A lot of women still aren’t comfortable with the idea of losing lube. 

When questioned, Laureen agrees that she used to avoid lube because doing so made her feel as though her vagina was not good enough for itself. 

These sorts of ideas are common but false anyways. 

The vagina is the vagina. Sometimes, depending on many factors, it may not produce as much fluid as you expect it to, causing the sex to be a bit dryer than normal.

Use lube. It soothes the dryness and makes the sex way better. 

Apply lube on your partner’s penis and then on the surface of your vulva. 

4. Enjoy Yourself

If your partner is to enjoy having sex with you, you have to open up your mind and allow yourself to enjoy the sex. 

The psychological barrier is a common reason why women don’t do so well at sex. They feel anxious, as though they’ll make mistakes or not do it right. As though they’re not good enough. Let go.

First, be utterly confident in your body and all it is capable of. Then, ease your mind. Convince yourself that you sure are going to enjoy this. 

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5. Touch Behind His Ears

Exploring your partner’s body is such a great sex tip for women. 

Men have a number of sensitive points on their bodies, and one of them is the area around their ears. 

Fondling that area can have his eyes rolling into the back of his head. An exaggeration, perhaps, but it is sure going to do a lot to him. 

Lick his earlobes. 

Swipe your tongue across the rest of his ears. 

Explore the area around his neck too. 

Kiss his neck, and lick at it gently. 

Be passionate about this; remember, you aren’t doing this to pass the time. You are actually into it and want him to be into it too.  

6. Good Blowjobs are Everything

Everyone knows blowjobs are magic. But not many know what a good blowjob should look like. 

Fellatio is an art, and for you to pull it off, you have to take on the mojo that makes every artist an artist—creativity. 

We advise women to be creative. Too many rules, and you will most likely end up giving him a bad blowjob. 

The only rule is: don’t hurt him, which means no teeth. 

Play around the head of his penis. Play around the shaft. Go down to his balls. Make sure there is enough spit. 

A hand job and a blowjob combo is a great idea.

7. Nipples

Many men agree that their nipples are one of those points on the body that sends pressure racking through them. 

Fondle his nipples when you both get down. Do it whenever it seems appropriate. 

Some nipple fondling whilst giving him a blowjob is just ideal. You can also do this when you are riding him. 

Anything that works out should be stuck to. 

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8. Rhythm

Sex, like poetry, should be rhythmic. Ubong Johnson, a doctor-in-training and poet whose work is forthcoming in the Healing Muse, a journal from Upstate Medical University, believes sex and poetry are one and the same thing. 

A great sex tip for women is to stick to rhythmic sex, alternating only when it is necessary. 

If you are going to have slow sex, then stick to having slow sex. 

If you are going to have fast sex, then have fast sex. 


Slow, then fast, and then slow again. It adds spice to the sex and makes things more intense. 

9. Get into His Head. For Good

Sex is the perfect blend of emotional and physical interaction. 

As you rock his body, rock his mind. Do this by whispering stuff into his ear that makes him go wild. 

Tell him how in love you are with him and how great the sex is. Say this, maintaining eye contact. Moan loudly if you have to when you have to, and don’t feel bad about it. 

In the missionary position, wrap your hands around him. Dig fingers into his back. 

10. You Can Work with Your Vagina

Some muscles of your perineum are under your voluntary control. 

What this means is that you can tighten your vagina at will. Yes, you can, and you should. Men love that. 

Bonus: You shouldn’t make a man feel bad about his penis size. This is going to ruin the sex before it begins.

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