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15 Signs He Will Stay After Sex

by | Sex and Relationship

Nov 1, 2022

For most women, it is some kind of gamble. They can barely tell the intentions of the guy and so keep asking themselves: would he stay after sex? This article is going to help you if you are one of such women. If you need reassurances before you let the deed happen, below are 15 signs you can let your guard down and expect him to stay for a long time after sex: 

1. He Barely Brings Sex Up

Men who only want sex and will not stay after they get in your pants sticks to achieving that goal of sleeping with you. On the other hand, men who don’t want ‘just’ sex don’t care much about it. At least not enough for it to becloud them to the point where they just can’t stop bringing sex up. 

You can relax your nerves a bit if, for days and weeks and maybe months, he barely brings sex up. This behavior of his only points to the fact that sex isn’t what he is after you for. That there are other things about you, and he will stick around to find out love after the sex eventually happens.

2. He Calls You Out

It is such a big green flag when a man calls you out on your bad behavior. First, he is saying that he cares about you enough to recognize that your bad behavior may, at some point or the other, land you in trouble. 

And second, he is saying that he is affected by it. 

Why would a man who only wants to sleep with you acknowledge that your bad behavior affects him? 

A man who calls you out on your bad behavior plans to keep you around for a long time. So, he is only pointing out difficult attributes about you that he wants out of the way so that his stay in your life is not as hard as stones. 

3. He is Concerned About You

Men who will stick around will always be concerned about you. But not too much it starts to get creepy. Just enough. 

Expect some calls when you grow distant. And be prepared to answer are-you-okays a whole lot. 

He will listen to you whenever you talk. Even if what you are saying is something other guys find boring. 

He does this because he is interested and because he enjoys what you two have going on and would love for it to continue as long as you both want it to. 

4. His Compliments aren’t Thrown at ‘Just’ Your Body

True, there are going to be times when even men who plan to stick around after sex compliment your body. But they sure won’t compliment only your body.

People compliment what they want to see more of, stuff they want to own themselves. So, when a man compliments only your body, it is a big red flag you want to avoid. 

The man who will stick around will compliment your personality too. You can be sure that he will stick around if his compliments are very detailed. 

That is to say, if his compliments are thrown at random things, people don’t notice. For example, the color of your eyes. A scar or a pretty small tattoo.

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5. He Makes an Effort to Remember the Details

Have you ever had a conversation with someone who only wanted to sleep with you? It’ll feel like talking to a brick wall. You fill him in on something this minute, and he can barely remember when you ask him the next couple of minutes.

The opposite happens when the guy is going to stick to you after sex. Because he is interested in you, he is also interested in the little details that others won’t really pay attention to. 

He will remember your birthday, a work issue you mentioned months ago, etc. 

6. He Has Mentioned a Relationship Before

Whether a relationship with you or just a past relationship that has just ended. It is true that some guys barely sleep with women they don’t intend to offer some kind of commitment to. 

This is especially true about guys who are ‘kinda’ relationship people—guys who have had little to no flings before. 

He is this kind of guy if he keeps mentioning relationships. He most likely wants a relationship with you and will stick around for one. 

7. He Doesn’t Strike You as a Sex Person

Some guys are not so big on sex. There are more after the intimacy being with a woman gives them. If he strikes you as this kind of guy, be rest assured he is going to stick around after you sleep with him. 

Usually, guys who aren’t that big on sex substitute sex with something just as intimate. Like deep, heart-to-heart conversations that could go on for hours. Or just cuddles and very deep hugs. 

They also don’t talk about sex very much. 

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8. He Fills You in on his Personal Issues

Jan Luca, a German photographer, told GoodHealthRecipe that one of the things he fears the most is emotional vulnerability. 

He went further to say that whenever he finds that he can open up to a woman, that is to say, he can be vulnerable with her; he sticks to her and doesn’t let go. 

Jan Luca’s perception is a common one amongst guys. Guys seldom want to be emotionally vulnerable. Especially to women. Just the way women barely want to be sexually vulnerable.

So, when that guy shows you part of him you consider deep and personal, consider it as him telling you he will stick around you for a long time. 

9. He Doesn’t Try Too Hard to Please You

People try to please others when they want to squeeze out some kind of good or favors. You will find this with the guy who only wants to hook up. But not with the one who plans to stay. 

A guy who plans to stay will not try too hard to please you. Because he realizes that if he begins to please you now, then he will always have to please you.

No guys want to be in that position. 

Expect the guy who will stick around for a while to be himself. He will not be in haste to change himself in a bid to make you spread your legs.

10. He Has Boundaries

Men who set boundaries are safe heavens. 

The truth is, even though some boundaries may be taut and sometimes annoying, boundaries are great and are necessary to keep relationships healthy.

When the guy has boundaries, it means he is disciplined and would not want anything interfering with his happiness, including you.

It means he is ready to call you out when you overstep. 

11. He Hasn’t Lied to You

Men who are honest seldom trick women into sleeping with them, only to leave when the deed has been done. No.

Their honesty cuts into almost every area of their lives, so they don’t lie with words, and they don’t lie with actions. They also don’t leave out necessary detail nor tell half-truths. 

Does this man tell you the truth? And I mean the truth. Even ones that can make you uncomfortable enough to avoid him? 

If he does, then you should accept the fact that he will stick around for a long time. Especially if he has in some way or the other suggested it, like complimenting the friendship or something.

12. He Doesn’t Flirt Too Much

Some amount of flirting is healthy, as flirting is quite important during the seduction phase. With any man who has intentions of sleeping with you, expect some form of flirting. 

With the one who is only trying to have sex and go his way, expect incessant flirting, which comes at you from all angles and makes you feel uncomfortable. 

However, with the guy who will stick around, expect flirting that is mild and warm, flirting that even you love. 

13. He Sets Up Outdoor Dates and Doesn’t Insist on Indoor Dates

Men who don’t want to be around you for long are likely to set up the second or third date indoors. This is because they want to get the sex over with at once and then move on to the next person. 

Men who, on the other hand, don’t come after you for just sex will be fine with outdoor dates until you are comfortable enough to suggest an indoor date yourself. 

During dates, they will be actively participated in whatever activities you both are engaging in and will not give you a hint that they are tired or want to go home.

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14. You Don’t Feel Forced

When he likes you and plans to stay with you after sex, you are going to feel it in your gut. You will not feel as though anyone is forcing you to do something against your wish. 

You’ll be comfortable and relaxed and might even find that you are the naughty one between you both. 

You’ll feel safe and will have enough room to be yourself. 

15. He Says Yes

Sometimes, a few times, though, it gets to the point where women have to ask the guy what he really wants. 

If you are at that point, then ask him. But be nice with the question. You don’t want to come off as rude or brash. 

Just say: do you think you’ll be able to stay for a while in my life? 

You don’t have to bring sex in. 

If he goes a bit off and starts to stutter, you know he isn’t going to stick around. But if he says yes, maintaining eye contact, then you have your answer. He is going to stick around. 

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