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5 Signs Your Man Doesn’t Enjoy Sex With You

by | Sex and Relationship

Nov 1, 2022

Do you feel your man doesn’t enjoy sex with you anymore? Read on as we give you a list of indicators that might help you determine whether your man still enjoys it or not.

Good sex will strengthen romantic bonds. Bad sex? Not so much. It’ll make sex a chore and might even make your partner stay away. Knowing whether or not your partner enjoys the sex they have with you is the first step to improving your sex life if you feel it falling apart. These are 5 signs your man doesn’t enjoy sex with you.

1. You Don’t enjoy the Sex

Sex is a two-way thing. Hardly will sex feel great on one end and not feel great on the other. If you didn’t enjoy the sex, then the odds that your man enjoyed it are slim. 

Hard pill to swallow, but it is true. 

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2. It Is Simply Just Emotionless

When we have sex, our bodies and minds are supposed to bond. This is especially true if it isn’t casual sex. If you are lovers, then sure, there ought to be an intense emotional connection. 

If the sex is something you will describe as ‘bland,’ then your man most likely didn’t enjoy it. He might have been trying to, but this mental barrier kept him from doing so. 

It helps to shred down emotional barriers before having sex. If you both were having issues, fix them before having sex. Forgive each other. 

3. One-Sided Effort In Bed

It doesn’t matter who put in the most effort; the fact that it was obviously one-sided is a bad sign. 

If he put in the most effort, it means he was trying too hard to enjoy himself. 

If, on the other hand, you put in the most effort, it means he was barely involved in the sex and couldn’t wait for it to end. 

Sex is supposed to be teamwork. So, it is almost always a bad sign when one person takes on the entire responsibility. 

If you are in the habit of controlling the sex, you might want to reconsider.

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4. He Lasted Too Long

With men, you can always tell that when sex lasts too long before ejaculation, something is wrong. 

If your man lasted too long, then there was something wrong—a physical barrier, or perhaps an emotional one. 

Take this seriously if it is happening the first couple of times. 

Try to rule out the possibility that it is an underlying issue. Is he going through any mentally stressful situations? If not, then it is true that he doesn’t enjoy sex with you anymore. 

Especially if, in addition to lasting quite long, you spot up to two or three of the signs above. 

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5. He Doesn’t Wait to Cuddle

This is one big sign that he doesn’t enjoy sex with you and he just couldn’t wait to get things over with. 

If after sex, he just zones out and goes into the bathroom or back to his tasks, leaving you there, alone on the bed, then something is wrong. He didn’t enjoy it. 

This is an even brighter red flag if he says nothing about the sex afterward. Suppose he acts like it never happened.  

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