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20 Things All Men Really Want

by | Sex and Relationship

Jan 5, 2023

Ever wonder what a potential mate or men in general really want? What exactly can you say or do that will improve your relationship with your man? Whatsdalatest interviewed 20 guys about what they want, and so I thought I would share this great piece of advice with you!

In this article, we tell it all without censors. We show you 20 things all men really want, straight from the mouths of 20 men. Can we begin?

1. Men Want to Be Men

This is a no-brainer. A man wants to be a man in all his interactions, whether with women or fellow men. 

He wants an environment where his masculinity is appreciated for what it is rather than shamed or thought of as weird. 

When a man is not allowed to be his true self, when everything he does is labeled to be a display of toxic masculinity, he becomes an unhappy man. 

He begins to feel like he is walking in a box. 

2. Men Want Women to Be Women

Just as men want to be men, they want women to be women as well. 

True feminity pulls true masculinity with a force that can’t exactly be understood. Polar opposites attract, whether in the real world or in the world of relationships and feelings. 

If you are being a woman and proud of being feminine, a man is sure going to really want you. All men want that. Just be you, a woman, sticking to your roles while he sticks to his. 

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3. A Man Wants to Express Vulnerability

There is a misconception that men are bottled up and never want to talk about their feelings. This is not true. 

Usually, being bottled up is a response to trauma. More than half the men who are uptight and weird about expressing feelings will agree to have been hurt in the past. 

A man wants to express his vulnerability. He wants to be able to say where he hurts and not be considered weak for feeling pain. He wants to have you as a shoulder. 

4. He Wants to Trust Your Intentions

Every man who is interesting will have a number of women around him almost all the time. Subconsciously, he is rooting for the most interesting woman around him, the one whom he seeks to open up to. 

He roots for her to have the right intentions towards him, showing these intentions in a manner that brings down the walls in his chest. 

This is to say, even more than he trusts you, he wants to trust your intentions. He wants to know you mean good, always, whether or not you both feel good or not. 

5. He Wants to Trust Your Person

It is one thing to trust a person’s intentions and another to trust their person. A man really wants to trust both. 

Sometimes, people with the best intentions go on to cause harm. This happens because even though they had good plans, their habits and personality kept them from being true to their intentions. 

Your man really wants to trust that your personality is strong enough to buffer any pressure meant to make you bulk. 

He wants to be able to root for you whenever there is a need to. 

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6. He Wants You to See Him as a Partner

You will be stunned by the number of relationships that fail every year because one or both partners view themselves as competition. 

In a relationship, you should acknowledge that your spouse is your partner, not your competition. He is your teammate, and together, you both ought to do big things and achieve your dreams.

This is what your man has in mind. He wants to win the world with you by his side. 

Jake from Canada said: “I want her to see me as her equal; I want her to trust my intentions as much as I trust hers so that together, we can become everything we want to be.

7. Every Man Wants to Be his Woman’s Safe Haven

It is masculine instinct to provide for and protect. This is why men love to be heroes, especially when it has to do with their lovers. 

Every man really wants to be his woman’s safe haven. He wants to be the first person she thinks to turn to for succor and warmth. 

Of course, he feels deeper respect and love for his woman as she turns to him, the bond of the relationship deepening more and more. 

8. Every Man Really Wants to Be Respected by Other Men

Men are not only great at establishing boundaries with women; they also do a good job at establishing boundaries with other men. 

This means every man really wants other men to respect him. His friends. Your friends. His family. 

A man will usually act in a strange way if his respect is threatened. With most men, withdrawal happens quickly. He withdraws from the source of the disrespect and goes his way. 

So, if your friends don’t respect your man as much as you respect him, he might pull away from them and, eventually, pull away from you.

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9. Every Man Wants You to Be Available When he Needs You

In a relationship, it is important that both partners are available to each other at any point in time when there is a need for a ‘talk’ or something that demands attention. 

Your man wants you to be available to him when he needs you. And if you are not available at the time of his needing you, he expects that you tell him why and, perhaps, reschedule. 

10. Every Man Wants His Woman to Text Him Randomly

Since it is the nature of men to be involved in the lives of their women, every man really wants his woman to involve him in the little details of her day. 

He really wants those random messages filled with juicy gossip and, a lot of times, random compliments too. 

Want to make a man’s day? Send him an unexpected message praising his person. You can say how much you love him or how great you feel when you are around him. 

We can tell his response will be a warm, child-like one that encourages you to bring even more surprises to him. 

11. Every Man Wants his Space Sometimes

Even while in love, there is a need for space. All healthy partnerships will include moments where the partners are allowed their private moments, where they can be themselves and tackle their issues independently. Your man craves those moments sometimes. 

Since man is big on solving problems, he will make for himself the time to do that. He really wants you to understand that when this happens, he does not love you lies; neither is he trying to ghost you. 

12. Every Man Wants To Cuddle

We will talk about sex later. Roughly any man loves to cuddle. This is because, maybe even more than women, men crave intimacy so much. 

“After hours of being away from my woman.” Klopp says: “There is this burning desire to be around her again, cuddling and loving her up.” 

Maybe Netflix and chill. Maybe lying there in silence and having his hair ruffled. Maybe falling asleep next to you. Whatever the scenario, he wants that you cuddle him from time to time. 

Make the cuddling more fun by kissing him as well. 

13. Every Man Wants More Life in The Bedroom

Men want more live in their bedrooms. What this means is that he wants more sex, and on top of that, he wants the sex to be far more intimate and more full of life. 

He wants to experiment with each sexual experience. Every once in a while, most men will introduce new routines in bed. He will try out things that may even surprise you. 

Don’t laugh or feel weird about it. Just do you and be there with him, for him. Want to fix your boring bedroom? Here is an article suggesting just how you can do so. 

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14. He wants You to Look Good For Him

When a man makes you a part of his life, you may be tempted to neglect your looks out of comfort. 

He is mine, after all, you may say, and stop being that hot for him. Though he may not mention it, he will somewhat be affected by your lack of style lately. 

He will really want you to revert back to being the hottie you used to be. He wants you to check any excess weight you might have gained. 

15. He Wants You to Help Sometimes

Every man will someday get to that point where his tasks overwhelm him. Usually, when a man gets to this point, he becomes angry and edgy and may even snap once in a while. 

Then, he really wants his woman to step in and help him with his tasks. 

You should not feel weird about helping your man when there is a need to. Step in and help. Even if you can’t help him directly, get involved somehow—maybe even suggest ways he could go on to complete those tasks. 

16. He Wants You to Show Him Off

Although a man will most times not say it, and even if he does, it will seem like a flimsy joke, most men really want their women to show them off.

Luke said: “It gives me a sense of appreciation, showing me that she is proud of me and does not want to put me in a box.”

Two other men we interviewed agreed with Luke; they all said the same thing. 

If you want to make him happier around you, then I suggest that you show him off. Let people know that you both have a thing going on. 

17. Every Man Wants to Please His Woman

This seems untrue sometimes, as men can sometimes be very annoying, not anything near pleasing. But the truth remains that most men want to please their woman. 

Notice how most men around you tend to get a bit uncomfortable when you show any signs of discomfort? This is because it is in a man’s nature to make his friends and family feel comfortable. 

You can make his job easier by talking to him when you feel discomfort. You can show him where you hurt, so he soothes you at that spot. 

18. Every Man Wants You to Talk

I mentioned this in passing in the subsequent paragraphs. But talking is of so much importance to men that I now have to discuss it in detail. 

Ken told us: “I really want my woman to talk. I don’t want her to be grumpy or anything; I do not want to ceaselessly ask her what is wrong while she gives me an attitude. I know talking can be hard sometimes, but she ought to give it a shot somehow.” 

Your man really wants you to talk. Men are a bit more objective than women and so can lay out their thoughts easily. This may come hard to a woman, but she has to try. 

19. Your Man Wants You to Fix Him a Meal

Men love homemade meals, probably because eating a wife’s meal offers room for him to compliment her. 

Jake said: “I want my wife to fix me a meal every now and then because I can, of course, bond with her as she prepares the meal and as I eat it.” 

A lot of men want to join their women in the kitchen as well and help with fixing the meals sometimes. 

20. Your Man Wants Massages

Most men love massages, and I doubt your man is an exception. Men love it when a massage comes just before sex or right after. 

And if it ends in some cuddling? Even better. Much, much better. 

Pamper your man whenever you have the chance. Tell him how great he looks and how you enjoy every moment you both spend together. 

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