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5 Ways to Initiate Sex in Your Relationship

by | Sex and Relationship

Nov 1, 2022

Initiating sex is an art. Initiate sex properly, and you will be surprised at how great the sex will feel and at how your partner will start to crave you more and more. This article explores five practical ways to initiate sex with your partner.  

1. Clean Up First

Want to have sex? Then clean up. Take a nice shower, and be sure you are all tidy down there. Now, get ready mentally. You are about to have sex. You will love it, and so will your partner. 

2. Communicate

If they aren’t home yet, some texting isn’t a bad idea. Tell them you have a surprise for them when they are home, maybe even dropping a tease. These sorts of messages spark sexual tension. 

If they are home, then go to them. Sit or lie beside them, and start a conversation. 

Pre-sex communications should be different from normal ones in that they should be tense and filled with emotion. 

They should be focused on you both and your relationship rather than some random idea. Who talks about Newton’s first law of motion just before having sex? 

Talk about you. Talk about how good they look today. Tease them about their smile.

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2. Body Language

You are just about to have sex. Your body language should tell that. In fact, your appearance should, in the first place. You shouldn’t be lying or sitting down there in Iron Man’s suit. Well, except you and your partner are some high-tech robots. 

You should be in something arousing in order to initiate sex. Something that makes him or her want to have you for themselves. 

And your body language should mirror your desire to have sex with them. 

3. Contact

Touch your partner. Put your hands over his face and smile, looking at his eyes. 

Touch some imaginary thing on their skin. Rub. Tell your partner their skin looks beautiful. It helps to compliment your partner as you try to initiate sex with them. 

Have them touch you too. You can show them an imaginary scar on your inner thighs and jokingly say it is nothing. 

4. Strip

Maybe you can take the surprise route and just strip. You know, skip numbers 2 and 3 and enter the room without any clothes on.

It helps to be direct with these things a lot of times, especially if your partner likes it when you are direct and spontaneous. 

They will look up at you naked, and boom, the mood is set. 

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5. Ask Directly. Of Course, With Humor

This also works with partners who appreciate a bit of spontaneity. Just walk up to them and say: hey? Want to have sex? 

Boom, it works. 

Don’t fear that they will turn you down. They are your partner and will most likely buy your humor. 

Bonus: Sometimes, you don’t initiate sex by asking. You just do it. You know, walk over to them and start kissing at once. The surprise and the thrill sure have an effect on making the sex better. 

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