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What Men Consider To Be Great Sex

by | Sex and Relationship

Nov 1, 2022

This article takes you into a man’s mind and lets you see what your man considers to be great sex. Here are five things men consider to be great sex.

1. Great Sex is Intense and Intimate

Men consider great sex to be intense and intimate. It is common to assume that only women crave that special kind of intimacy that comes with having sex with a lover. But this assumption is false. 

True, men may be a lot more open to the idea of casual sex. But this does not mean they don’t want to be very intimate. 

Whenever you have intense, intimate sex with your man, you can be sure he considers it great sex. Men show intimacy during sex in different ways. But a few ways to tell he is really into it are: 

  • He kisses you a lot
  • He closes his eyes 
  • His strokes are slow and/or fast, but they do not break the rhythm. 

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2. Men Consider Expressive Sex to Be Great Sex

Men want their women to be expressive in bed. It makes them feel good about themselves and about the sex. 

So, when next you have sex with him, be sure to express yourself. And don’t just do it for the sake of doing it. Mean it. Moan. Tell him how much you love what he is doing. 

Praise his ability to make you feel like a woman. Talk dirty to him. 

3. Exploratory Sex is Great as Well

As you already know, men like to explore. Exploration is an inert part of masculinity. As kids, boys loved to explore. Nothing changed when they grew up. In fact, the need, or rather the desire to explore, become even more pronounced. 

Your man wants to explore your body. He wants to be on the side of sex he has not been to before. He wants to feel what that position is like. He wants to fulfill his kinks. 

If you help him do this, then you can rest assured that he thinks the sex is great. 

4. Team Work Makes Great Sex

Yes, men want to take charge. But no man wants to do so alone. Sex is teamwork, and teamwork requires the efforts of both parties. 

He wants you to be into the sex as well—both in your head and body. 

Move your body just the way he hints that he loves. Get into the zone too, and don’t be afraid to have you both explore your own kinks. 

Don’t just leave the exploring to him. Explore too. And explore well enough. 

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5. When You Know His Body

When a woman knows a man’s body, he considers sex with her to be great sex most of the time. 

So, know your man’s body, and don’t hesitate to do to it things that will drive him nuts. 

During foreplay, be on areas of his penis that make him jerk and jerk. 

Kiss him passionately. Men love to be kissed in bed. 

Lick at his earlobes. Rub across his skin. Tease him. Men love to be teased. Do all these, and your sex is going to keep being great. He will agree to this. 

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